The Photo Clam PG-4EQR Pro Gold IV Easy QR Ball Head features a lever-operated clamp for its Arca-style quick-release mechanism. Instead of twisting a knob several times, simply flip the lever to change out cameras or to switch over to handheld shooting. In addition to quick & easy operation, the head offers extremely strong ball-locking for a very high 110 lb load capacity.

The Pro Gold IV Easy QR head features separate knobs for locking the ball and the pan base, enabling you to keep the orientation of your framing locked while you pan. This makes it appropriate for panoramic photography. Within the ball-locking knob there’s a dial for applying progressive bi-axial friction, to accommodate lighter and heavier camera setups across the head’s vast load capacity.

The quick-release clamp is compatible with almost all Arca-style camera plates from both Photo Clam and other manufacturers, such as Kirk, Acratech, Arca-Swiss, and Novoflex. The width of the clamp can be adjusted easily using the included tool in case a particular dovetail plate doesn’t immediately fit.

The head features a slot for tilting 90° to portrait orientation. Utilizes 1 spirit and 2 bubble levels for easy and convenient leveling. Levels allow you to ensure that your framing hews to the horizon in either landscape or portrait orientation. Weighs just 1.2 lbs.


Camera Connection: Lever-release clamp
Load Capacity: 50 Kg / 110 lb
Weight: 550 g /1.21 lb including clamp
Height: 104 mm / 4.09 inches
Housing Diameter: Φ58 mm / 2.28 inches
Ball Diameter: Φ46 mm / 1.81 inches
Panning Diameter: Φ64 mm / 2.51 inches
Friction control: Yes, Bi-Axial Progressive
Pan: 360°
Tilt: +/-90°
Thread size: 3/8” – 16 UNC
Bubble Level: Yes, 3 different levels
Finish: Black/Gold