Pro Orion Gimbal Head

 The Photo Clam Orion Tilt Head is a professional quality gimbal-style head for supporting cameras with long telephoto lenses. Mounting a heavy lens on a gimbal head at its center of gravity enables easy manipulation of its position in every dimension, to capture birds in flight and other faraway, fast-moving subjects.Compare the Photo Clam line to any professional grade camera support system on the market and you will find excellent performance and quality at value prices. Photo Clam also has styling features that set you apart from the crowd.The lightweight (3.1 lb) Orion Tilt Head has a built-in Arca-Swiss-style quick-release clamp for attaching a dovetail (sold separately).Specialized tilt (gimbal) head for capturing birds in flight with telephoto lenses. The design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses. Enables capturing the subtle rhythms of subjects using lenses whose size and weight are anything but subtle. Lighter than many similar competing products.

Item No. PC31-ORION

Weight (lbs): 1,400g/ 3.1 lb

Max. Dimensions:
Height: 230mm/ 9.05”
Width: 60mm/ 2.36”
Depth: 250mm/ 9.84”

Quick-Shoe(Release) Type: Photo Clamp (Built-in)